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NEW FAMILY TREES and genealogy added

June 2012 ~ We have a lot of NEW trees and data. We now have well over 20,000 records and growing...Elliots genealogy records from all countries can be found in OUR database. We have some Elliots that are linked back to Robert Elwald (Elliot) the 10th Chief of Clan Elliot in the mid 1400's.

September 2012-2009 ~ Elliot's of Midlem Mill from Scotland to Prussia, Ireland and then to Pennsylvania in the early 1700's.

December 2009 (ongoing research)The Elliot's of Salem Massachusetts. Salem Witch Trials and the Elliot's. TS Elliot, his ancestors and relatives...

Early Spelling of Our Surname

The very earliest spellings of our surname, on both sides of the Border, was "Elwald." Perhaps one of the earliest records of the name "Elwald" in the Border region comes from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle:

Then Elwald, having banished Ethelred from his territory, seized on his kingdom, and reigned ten winters.

A.D. 789
This year Elwald, king of the Northumbrians, was slain by Siga, on the eleventh day before the calends of October; and a heavenly light was often seen on the spot where he was slain.

The name "Elwald" does show up as a surname regularly in 14th and early 15th century records on both sides of the Border as G.F.S. Elliot states in his 1898 The Border Elliots:

'..."Elwald," with slight deviations, continued to hold its own as the most ordinary spelling till towards the middle of the 16th century, when considerable changes begin to appear. The English, who had been in the habit of using "Elwold" as well as "Elwald" now adopted the form "Elwood," which became the usual one with them. In Scotland, about the same time, or a little later, Ellot" began to take the place of "Elwald," and soon obtained the predominance...'

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ECS USA Webmaster January 31st,2016

Elliot Clan USA, Genealogy Database (ONLINE) Page

Welcome to The Elliot Society! This area is for ECS Members only!!! The Genealogy database is the Society's online source of genealogical information. With thousands of records to access, we hope your visit will be enjoyable and that you are successful in connecting with your Elliot ancestors.


The ECS Database is a compendium that contains information on hundreds of individuals of Elliot ancestry and their associated spouses. The database submissions are made in GEDCOM format. The ECS USA Online Database Administrator is Dee Elliott-Wakefield.

Attention Members and Visitors (changes for 2014, 2015 and 2016)

The ECS USA is in transition, as for online presence... Please be patient. The online database is accessible to Elliot Clan members ONLY. Because of time constraints I no longer serve as genealogist BUT as online database admin ONLY.

If you have a genealogy question, make sure to post it on our facebook page. The ECS has numerous members that frequent there that may be able to help.

For now, the overall outline for submissions will remain the same. Documentation as to "best practices", in regards to entry of your genealogy data in your given genealogy software program, will remain the same.

Technological Considerations (Genealogy Software ECS Utilizes)

Much of the technological procedures have been designed previously by various other Genealogists and general procedure will remain the same. This project is very large therefore, at this time we will continue utilizing gedcom format. Before entry into the ECS database all records must be in a GEDCOM format! This procedure not only contributes to easier convergence of individual records in the Elliot Clan database it also is most prudent method regards to linking capabilities with other large database programs/sites on the web.

Changes for 2014

Attention ECS members FamilySearch will no longer offer PAF (Personal Ancestral File) software for download and or support after JULY 15, 2013. In past (over the past 12 years) this is the program most (ECS genealogist) have been using.

What does it mean that PAF is no longer supported and how does it apply to you the member and your genealogy?

Yes, PAF will continue to work on all versions of Windows as of 2013, including Windows 8. It simply means that FamilySearch will not assist users with the software, NOR will they make any upgrades to this software in the future. They will however provide limited support for moving PAF data to a compatible third-party software, such as Roots Magic, Ancestral Quest, Legacy Family, and Brothers Keepers to name a few.

IF you have PAF on your computer you may continue using it?

Yes you can continue using it, HOWEVER it is recommended that you begin to use another program/software. I can also help guide you through this process (if needed), but it is reasonably simple. I have included a link to tutorial below.

There quite a few other programs that have FREE versions of their software available online for download.

Of the 3 FREE programs that are listed on the website, RootsMagic is perhaps the most widely used and at this time what I personally recommend. Please be sure to contact our CURRENT Elliot Clan USA Genealogist if you have any questions. You may also see the familysearch website if you want more details at:

Changes for 2014 (continued)

Some FREE genealogy software:

Entering Your Genealogy, Best Practices

We have updated our Instructions for Submissions, thus it varies somewhat from the outline as posted on our sister site, which was last updated in late 2003(by former USA Genealogist).

The instruction procedure is designed to help both you (those entering data) and the Genealogist, by making the "data entry phase" more complete and uniform. For current submission procedure please see outline below. If you run into any problems please do not hesitate to contact me at and I will be happy to guide you through this process!

PLEASE USE THE 4 Character codes as outlined. If not entered "in proper format" it will delay the entry of your gedcom into the online database. Also, make sure to enter the dates (birth-dob,death-dod) as people are excluded from database by "non entry" in dod field(it is assumed they are still living). The outline for entry when exact date is unknown is explained on Instructions for submitting your genealogy data to the ECS.

YOU MUST BE A CURRENT ELLIOT CLAN SOCIETY MEMBER to join our project! The objective of the Genealogy Project is to help Elliot Clan Society members with their genealogical research. The means in which we will accomplish this will be by first electronically compiling the data of our members worldwide and then allowing them to access this data by providing a "medium" in which they may do research on their own.

The Goals we hope to Achieve

The primary reason for having our records online is to allow members to access data that has been complied within this database, thus allowing individual members to research their own genealogy. Secondly, it will allow the Elliot Clan genealogist within other countries to compare and compile data allowing for a more complete convergence of genealogy database files in the US and other countries around the World.... The result, then benefiting all Elliot Clan Society members worldwide, thus promoting a spirit of kinship within all members of our Clan.

Database Submission Procedure

If you are an Elliot Clan Society member and you are interested in submitting your information to the Elliot Genealogy Project, (this includes Elliots, Elliotts, Eliots, Eliotts) Please submit information in (GEDCOM) format.

If you don't have genealogy software on your computer, please follow instructions below. Be sure to enter all information in complete manner. Take note, although hand written and/or paper genealogical entries (are accepted), but NOT advised. PLEASE use GEDCOM!!!

Other Genealogy Software(how to proceed)

All software differs slightly in format and architectural structure and Ideally SHOULD be converted to one standard/uniform program. Although it may be argued that you may save files as GEDCOM, from any genealogy program (which indeed is correct), when small glitches occur in given programs, it is a less complex to "fix" if we all are using same software. If you have a large file and previously entered/complied data in another SOFTWARE program (and have corrected it according to our outline), you may submit it as long as you save file in GEDCOM format. (See instruction page on where & how to send it).

Those that have Submitted Genealogy Trees Previously

If submitted your genealogical information (have already sent off your GEDCOM to us) and it was entered by another genealogist into our database you will not need to do this again. The new online database will contain a scaled-down version of the records that you have submitted. We will also provide links to other GEDCOM databases elsewhere on the web. The main feature - It will contain linking, sorting and searching capabilities to other people within the database.

This site is intended as a genealogical research aid. The data included within the files are from sources both public and private. You should always check out thoroughly all sources of information before accepting it as correct or complete.

The Elliot Clan Society is NOT responsible for the content of the records that are included or GEDCOM's appearing within this site. If you have a problem with a particular entry, please contact the submitter of said entry. You have full control over your record and you may change or remove it at any time.

Hermitage Castle

The origin of the Elliot Clan according to tradition is Angus, the River Elliot runs into the sea near Arbroath. In ancient times the name was spelled ELLOCH, ELLOTH or ELLOT.

"Our earliest reference", according to the author of the book, "The Elliots, The Story of A Border Clan", is to Redheugh itself in 1376. Next, we know from a Berwickshire Pedigree, of the existence of an "Elwald of Redheugh" living in the early 1400s, a man of some consequence. "Robert Elwald of Redheugh" appears as Chief in 1476. In 1470 he built a strong tower on a cliff overlooking the ford on Hermitage Water. This was one of about one hundred such towers belonging to the Ellots which were dotted around Liddesdale, which they shared with the Armstrongs, another of the great Borders riding clans.

More history about the Elliot Clan


There are some seventy spellings of this name have been recorded, the most prolific being Eliot, Eliott and Elliott. The name was originally Elwald or Elwold, in Old English Aefwald, and anciently was used frequently as a forename. The Elliot Clan of the Middle March had a chief in the late 15th century called Robert Elwald, who was Captain of Hermitage Castle. His son was slain at Flodden, 1513, and his son Robert was also Captain of Hermitage Castle. His brother Archibald was ancestor of the Elliots of Arkleton. The main forms of the name appear in an old rhyme:

The double L and single T
Descend from Minto and Wolflee,

The double T and single L
Mark the old race in Stobs that dwell,

The single L and single T
The Eliots of St. Germains be,

But double T and double L
Who they are, nobody can tell.

Genealogy Software

There are numerous commercially available genealogical database programs that will allow to create and save GEDCOM files for uploading and/or including in the ECS database.

Legacy, Family Tree Maker, Ancestral Quest, RootsMagic, Brothers Keeper, Generations and just the major ones, but there are many many more. With all of the above mentioned you have the ability to create a GEDCOM file. In addition most of these above NOW have FREE versions available online for download.

An excellent site for Genealogy research information, software and other tools can be found at Gensoft also has a very good tutorial on GEDCOM files there too.

What is a GEDCOM?

GEDCOM, stands for - GEnealogical Data COMmunication, which was a standard proposed by the Family History Department of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ( or the Mormons), ...

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